Inside Out

For this outdoor shoot, I had an idea to combine it with a studio backdrop to imitate photographers like Richard Avedon, who shot portraits on white backdrops but managed to keep a stark and natural style by doing it outside.  The model Sian Ella was a classic beauty who helped with the nostalgic look.  For something different, I asked a friend if her young daughter would like to be in the photographs too.  The young Elise was a stunning and eager subject, able to match gazes with the model.  The light was perfect and cast the halo look I was hoping for.  I brought my flash gear but I didn’t even need to use it.  We had time to try a few other looks as the sun slowly set on us.  A great day and a great team to work with.

Model: Sian Ella, Elise Ball.

Make up: Jacinta

Assistant: Dean Webber

Hair: Kynk Hair


2 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Hey, for this shoot it we were pretty much exploring different concepts with the backdrop and location, so it’s hard to say what was a keeper or not. We finished up with a few good keepers, once I felt we had the right feel. Also, shooting with a new model, it takes a little time to work out what works best with that individual, regarding angles, moods… etc.

    I’d say I finished up with about half a dozen shots I was really happy with, with the first part of the shoot, and the last two locations were pretty quick and I found my shots almost instantly.

    Hope that answers your question.

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