Carly and the Caravan

When I saw this location, I knew I had to shoot there.  The warehouse space, owned by Patrick Floyd Meade and Mark Neilsen, has caravans set up inside as living spaces.  Patrick’s (Padi’s) quirky sense of style oozed from this space, including a chandelier that hung by his caravan door.  The amazing model Carly, stylist Laura and make up artist Jacinta worked hard to make this strange idea of mine come to life.  The beautiful garments and styling helped achieve this Tim Burtonesque mood I was aiming for.  We even had a small Pomeranian dog brought on set who was ever patient and consistently posed for all the shots.

I wanted to create a feeling of passing through a strange land or a small town and noticing a local inhabitant, both alien and at home there.  The great team I had working with me was essential in making this come to life – and for that I am truly grateful.

Patrick and Mark’s organisation is called Gracious Space.  Keep an ear out for them as some pretty amazing stuff is going to come out of that warehouse.

Photographer: Jason Lau

Model: Carly Peacock

Stylist: Laura-Ellen Harris

Make Up and Hair: Jacinta You Are Beauty


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