Darkness Exhibition

Here is a cropped detail of an artwork that will be exhibited in Brunswick later this month. The exhibition titled The Darkness Within is curated by Joe Blanck and will feature a range of artists in this pop up space. I wanted to create an ambiguous character that is part menace and part fragility, playing on the archetype of the big bad wolf from nursery rhymes. Special thanks to the talented Tim Coghill for lending his scruffy looks to creating this character. Come to the exhibition to see the full image!

Update 18/05/2013: Sold the artwork!




Van Gogh Jacket

Spent an afternoon creating a wearable art piece for a costume party on the theme of Dead Celebrities.  It was strange to see this jacket, inspired by the style of Vincent Van Gogh, contrasting it’s surroundings.  Van Gogh’s art was revolutionary in his day as his art did not simply simulate reality but transformed it into shattered fragments of colours and powerful movements of lines.  Even this clumsy homage unexpectedly transports my unimpressive backyard into something more.