The Governess

Photo shoot with model Rhiannon on one of the most gorgeous properties and a featuring a beautiful horse named Johnny. Special thanks to Sarah Trickey for keeping Johnny a cooperative model. I wanted to create a real high end style to this shoot with lush lighting and a sense of grand space. The styling was spot on with wonderfully structured outfits with rich textures.

Rhi-001 Rhi-002 Rhi-003 Rhi-004 Rhi-005 Rhi-006 Rhi-007 Rhi-008 Rhi-009 Rhi-010 Rhi-011 Rhi-013 Rhi-014

Photographer: Jason Lau

Model: Rhiannon T (Brazen Talent)

Makeup and Hair: Annika Bowen

Styling: Kristina Schapova

Jacket and Dress – Susan Rep (designer), Pants and Robe – Mina & Katusha (designer) from Gusto & Élan


Cold Comfort

Basking in the last rays of a sinking sun with model Sammy Humphries.

SammyWeb-001 SammyWeb-002 SammyWeb-003 SammyWeb-004 SammyWeb-005 SammyWeb-006 SammyWeb-007 SammyWeb-008 SammyWeb-009 SammyWeb-010

Photographer: Jason Lau

Model: Sammy Humphries

Assistant: John Englezos

Fashion: Seagulls of St Kilda

Disobedience with Andrea Leigh

This was a very last minute shoot with model Andrea Leigh.  I asked Andrea what she had in mind for this shoot and she simply replied, “Something crazy”. She is off to Milan now with her new modelling agency. I trust they saw some of that fire that she showed in this shoot.

Photographer: Jason Lau

Model: Andrea Leigh

Make up: Danielle Beiermann

Livia Arena Collection

Enveloped in the afternoon light, Amy models the beautiful outfits by Livia Arena.  The translucent quality of the clothing was complemented by the delicate detailing and slightly off beat but classic design.

Photographer: Jason Lau

Stylist: Laura Harris

Model: Amy Sutton

Make up and hair: Elise Lara Hull

Clothing: Livia Arena

Ana in the Sun

Model Aneria (Ana) Kingsley strikes powerful poses and daring looks which made this beach shoot quite a standout from the usual beach babe concepts.  In the glaring sun we enjoyed showcasing the fantastic styling from Vlad Barski as he meticulously coordinated these stunning looks.  It is always a challenge shooting in full midday sunlight but this time it was a real feature for us.

Photographer: Jason Lau

Model: Aneira Kingsley

Stylist: Vladimir Barski

Clothing: Kookai


The Fashion Game

I had the opportunity to work with stylist Styledbyjoolz Makim and the fantastic collection of clothes she had access to.  I explained that I wanted to do a shoot that had an aggressive and competitive feel to it.  By a miracle, we secured a squash court to get that stark and worn look to contrast the high fashion looks of the two models, Anna Nguyen and Aneira Kingsley.

Photographer: Jason Lau

Stylist: Styledbyjoolz Makim

Models: Anna Nguyen, Aneira Kingsley

Make up: Hailey Ryan

Hair: Aida W

Clothing from:  Lisa Zubricky, Kornelia’s Kloset, Cylk, Lovers Lie

Jewelry: Styledbyjoolz Makim

Colour Complex

Working with a model over multiple shoots has its advantages.  You get to know what each other can do and trust in each other’s ideas.  Carly has been a versatile and engaging model to work with and in this latest shoot it was great to explore new concepts and push each other to new creative challenges.  This was such an exciting shoot, working with explosive colours and patterns.  A stunning Melbourne day inviting us out to play.  Special thanks to Gemma Reynolds for her assistance in styling and her beautiful make up and hair work.